Getting Clients From LinkedIn – Cold Outreach Messages THAT WORK!

In this article, we’ll discuss the ULTIMATE LINKEDIN HACK that will allow you to reach out to thousands of people every single month on LinkedIn.

We’re literally reaching out to over a million people on LinkedIn a month, and we’re helping our clients reach out to tens of thousands even hundreds of thousands of people on LinkedIn

We recently had a very large marketing agency reach out to us for help. They’re doing over a hundred million a year. They’re literally landing 70 to 90 clients every single day from their marketing efforts and asked us to help them double this number.

They said they’ve tried LinkedIn but they could not get it to work and they need volume. They want to grow their current client base and scale even more

So in this blog, we’ll discuss best practices for LinkedIn strategies and how you can get clients from LinkedIn through messaging.

Direct and Bulk Outreach on LinkedIn

Be direct in your messaging. Always answer the question – How can you help them?. If you beat around the bush, it’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of time just to generate one appointment.

A direct message is going to at minimum  get 5 to 10 people out of every 100 to say, yes, I want to meet with you. If you’re doing the talk and chit chat, you’re gonna get maybe one or two out of a hundred that are going to want to meet with you. And it’s gonna take you three or four times as long, just chit chatting with people that just want to  chit chat. 

But the BIG question is.. How do you do cold outreach on LinkedIn without getting your account banned?

At PEMA, we actually use private software. You cannot find them on Google or anywhere. The way you get introduced to them is through a private introduction.  If you are going to be using automation, DO NOT go with just one that you can find on Google because there’s just a big risk there. 

What you can do instead is hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) who will do the cold outreach on LinkedIn for you. They can manually reach out to hundreds of people a day through LinkedIn on your behalf and that will ensure you get results. (Our team hires and trains Appointment Setting VAs for B2B companies)

Once you have leads coming into your business, you can start working on your sales processes, warmup systems, closing deals, onboarding clients and ultimately building a business that can run on scale without you having to be locked into a LinkedIn screen all day.

If you want to have a scalable and reproducible system like this large marketing agency that came to us for 500 meetings a month, we have bonus training for you!

Whether you’re looking to get to your first $10,000 a month, or you’re looking to blow past a hundred thousand a month, make sure to get this training. This is going to show you not only how to get meetings,warm them up and sell them, but also how to do it highly efficiently in an automated yet personal way so that you can have a business that runs and grows without you!

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