So, you’ve heard that cold messaging on LinkedIn is a great way to get leads, but you’re not sure where to start…

In this LinkedIn lead generation blog, you’ll learn 2 things:

  1. How to get clients on LinkedIn through cold outreach and B2B lead generation
  2. LinkedIn lead generation strategies and hacks

NOW… Let’s jump in!

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with decision-makers who have purchasing power and could potentially become customers. Let’s discuss how you can leverage LinkedIn for lead generation!

1. Be direct with your outreach

If you are doing any type of outreach on LinkedIn, you need to be direct. The truth is when dealing with high-level executives, business leaders, and owners they don’t have time to make pen pals on LinkedIn. Being direct with your interaction and expressing your intentions let them quickly know how you can help them.

We reach out to over half a million decision-makers a month in our company, and after thousands of test campaigns, the data is clear that the direct approach on LinkedIn always outperforms the conversational approach.

2. Be specific with your message

Send an “aspirin for your headache” message! What does this mean?

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A LOT of marketers on LinkedIn send generic messages like, “Hey, I help business owners scale their business more blah blah blah”, these are the types of messages that are not specific.

Instead of sending generic messages, send a direct message and state the problem that your target customer is experiencing and more importantly show how you can help solve their problem. You need to be specific about your service and the pain that you are going to solve.

That’s the “aspirin to your headache” message.

Here’s an example of a social media agency:

“Hi, I’m a social media company and we help out with social media content and posting and branding awareness and website design. If you need help with apps, we can do that too. Please let me know if you need any help with any of our services”


“Great linking up. We help small restaurants in Miami, Florida, more than double their traffic into their restaurants and more than quadruple their repeat customers within 60 to 90 days through social media content and brand awareness. Would it be worth 15 minutes of your time to learn more?”

The first one is generic and the second one is specific and direct. Notice we didn’t say we help businesses. We said we help small restaurants in a specific area. That’s a very specific type of outreach that’s guaranteed to get you more results.

The more specific you are in your message, the more likely you’re going to actually resonate with them.

3. Do a high volume of outreach

Yes, you want to be direct in your outreach and be specific with your message but that’s not scalable.

You need to do a high volume of outreach if you’re going to see any results.

There are almost 800 million users on LinkedIn (at the time of this article). That means you have a large pool to target for your outreach. Use that to your advantage.

You need to be reaching out to thousands of people on LinkedIn every month. We have clients that are reaching out to over 100,000 people a month on LinkedIn to get meetings.

But the question is.. How do you do that?

You can check out this blog to learn more about the LinkedIn hack we are using to get clients on LinkedIn.


Be direct in your messaging. Don’t be scared. Some people are going to say no, but busy decision makers that need your help right now, that’s 5% to 10% of your outreach, they’re going to respond positively. Why? Because they need what you’re offering and they don’t have time to make pen pals on LinkedIn.

Be specific in your messaging. The more specific you are, the more open they will be to talking to you and believing you can help them.

Lastly, you need sufficient volume for your outreach because the more people you reach out to the higher your chances of getting meetings on your calendar.

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media platforms out there, and if you’re not using it enough to grow your business yet, now is the time to use this valuable tool in your professional life, so don’t miss out!

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