LinkedIn Marketing can be a great way to reach out to new customers and grow your business. When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, cold messaging, and Sales Navigator most people use only a few of the features available to find leads on LinkedIn.

In this article, we’ll walk you through sales navigator and how to use it to generate leads. This is the exact step-by-step we use to generate thousands of bookings for our clients paying us 10, 20, $30,000 a month for appointment setting.

What we’ll cover:

  • What LinkedIn Sales Navigator is NOT and is NOT GOOD FOR
  • How does Linkedin Sales Navigator work
  • Training on Boolean Search
  • Title VS Seniority Level Search

What LinkedIn Sales Navigator is NOT and is NOT GOOD FOR

1. It is NOT an automation tool.

  • It’s a navigator tool. It allows you to tap into the 700 or 800 million people that are on LinkedIn and target them very, very specifically based on their job titles, their industries and other categories. It is a very powerful tool where you can create personalized algorithms to help you reach the right audience.

2. It is NOT good to use as a CRM.

3. We do NOT suggest using their tools like “ Save Leads” or “Tracking Companies”

4. Much of Sales Navigator is a Waste of Time (in our opinion)


What LinkedIn Sales Navigator is VERY GOOD FOR

1. Creating Large Lists of HIGHLY Targeted Prospects

  • In Sales Navigator, you can create large lists of highly targeted prospects where you can plug them into a software and reach out to them in a very sophisticated and bulk manner.

2. Finding Active Targets versus Inactive Targets

  • You can adjust the Sales Navigator search and just target active people on LinkedIn. This is a huge bonus.

3. Using WITH A PRIVATE Software To Perform Outreach

  • Do not use outreach software that you can find on Google because LinkedIn knows how they work and their software algorithms will be detected by LinkedIn AI that will cause your account to get flagged. Having access to private software allows you to reach out to people in an automated fashion and get the most results for your time, energy & effort.

How does Linkedin Sales Navigator work?

A lot of people ask “How does a LinkedIn Sales Navigator work?” Well, there are so many features you aren’t using (but need to be) to generate good leads with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the biggest database in the world for 800 million people!

It’s also a platform on which you can network, communicate and people are expecting business conversations to happen.

How to conduct a Boolean Search

What is Boolean Search?

It’s a programmatic language that works with a combination of connectors and punctuation:

  • AND
  • OR
  • NOT
  • Parentheses
  • Quotes

You can boolean search in every field of the sales navigator keyword search. That means you can use it on keyword filters and the job title filter.

Excluding Keywords with NOT

Add the word NOT before a keyword to exclude it from your search results.

Example: Owner OR Founder NOT CEO

Keywords with OR

Use the word OR If you want to see results that include one or more keywords.

Example: Owner OR Founder

Combine Keywords with AND

Use AND if you are looking for several keywords in job titles or profiles.

Example: Sales AND Marketing will show people that have both keywords in their job title.

Using Parentheses for Complex Search

Use parentheses to combine several keywords in a search.

Example: (seo OR sem OR “search engine optimization” OR “search engine marketing”)

Search Based On Title Vs Seniority Level

Do not use Seniority Level in creating your search in Sales Navigator. Although a search based on Seniority Level is a lot easier because you can just choose the seniority level like Owner, CXO, Director or Managers, this will not give you very specific results in your search.

We suggest instead using boolean search based on job title like Owner OR Founder as this will give you most accurate and specific results.

Outreach Segmentation Based On Company Size

You can also tailor and customize your outreach based on different company headcounts. You can create messages and launch outreach campaigns specifically for this split

  • Self (Get your first $10k/m)
  • 2-10 employees (Create $100k/m message)
  • 11-50 employees (Increase Leads and 2X conversions)
  • 51+ (Throw fuel on the fire message since they already have sales team)
  • 200+ employees (Get HUNDREDS of Meetings message)

Other Filters to Use in your Advanced Search

Some of the other filters in Sales Navigator aside from keywords, titles and company size, include:

  • Degree of Connection
  • Industry
  • Geography
  • Years in Current Company
  • Years in Current Position
  • Spotlights

Getting the most out of your Sales Navigator search using SPOTLIGHTS

Spotlight is one of the coolest features of a Sales Navigator search. This feature can be used to segment your LinkedIn search results. This allows you to easily discover the prospects who are more likely to engage with you and get results from your outreach efforts faster.

If you want to target business owners, you might want to target the most active industries on LinkedIn and the spotlight feature allows you to do that, specifically the “Posted in the Last 30 Days” filter.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool that allows you to do very effective prospecting and outreach. When it comes to LinkedIn lead generation, cold messaging, and Sales Navigator most people use only a few of the features available to find leads on LinkedIn, and I hope this content will help you and use this as a resource. It’s the same resource and training that we use for our employees and for our coaching clients in-house as well.

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