Which Calendar Link system do you recommend?2019-12-13T11:58:32+00:00


Do I need to respond to the messages in LinkedIn?2019-12-13T12:03:22+00:00

Not at all! We go into our software Mon-Fri and respond to all of the messages.

I’ve seen some negative messages in my inbox. I feel like my reputation is at stake. Should we change the messages?2019-12-13T12:04:35+00:00

Negative responses are completely normal and will not harm your reputation. We craft our messages in a way that sparks feelings and you will see that most people will feel positively but there will always be a few negative Nellies out there.

What is a lead?2019-12-13T12:06:25+00:00

A booked call with someone that falls within your initially defined target audience, and with factors that can be controlled by our search parameters on LinkedIn. Uncontrollable factors are income level/revenue, age, gender, and “ready to buy” attitude.

What happens when a lead tries to pitch me?2019-12-13T12:07:23+00:00

We will always try to weed out the people that look like they are trying to sell you something. Some of these people may slip through the cracks, as we cannot control their dishonesty on LinkedIn. They are still considered a lead since they fall into your target audience. However, if you’re on a call with one of these people and you recognize that they are pitching you, you do not need to pursue the conversation with them. We recommend that you politely end the conversation to save yourself time.

Why do I need to add Sales Navigator?2019-12-13T12:08:42+00:00

Sales Navigator allows us to use the parameters that are required to reach your specific target audience. LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to do mass outreach without Sales Navigator.

Is my first month supposed to be slow?2019-12-13T12:09:44+00:00

This is completely normal and there is no need to worry! The first month is dedicated to the creation of your messages, the overall set up of your campaign, the open networker campaign, and A/B testing. Once your outreach campaign is launched, there is also a ramp-up period while we are sending out the initial flow of connection requests and waiting for people to connect and respond.

Will my account get flagged for this?2019-12-13T12:16:00+00:00

Although this rarely happens, your account may get limited for a brief period of time to the amount of requests that can be sent out. If this happens, we have a process to go through to reactivate the account and precautions in place to avoid it happening again.

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