PEMA is The Company Your Recruiter Hires

Not a Recruiting Company

PEMA is NOT your standard recruiter. You see, a run-of-the-mill recruiter is going to normally charge you 20% of the first year’s salary for every new employee they get. 

Luckily, PEMA has reinvented the hiring wheel to save our partners thousands.

Our framework is designed to help you get a top talent without the crazy costs of your typical old-school recruiter.

Our 3-Step Process

 1 – Applications

  • PEMA’s Talent Acquisition Specialists know how to cherry-pick the right candidates for your organization.

  • We leverage the LinkedIn platform to find high-caliber talent, better than any other company.

  • In fact, this is the process recruiters hire us to do for their clients.

2 – Interview

  • Build a 3-5 Step Interview process that will help you land A-players.

  • This process is highly selective and weeds out any candidates that won’t be a good fit for your organization.

  • There is no better way to ensure you get the highest quality talent for your company.

3 – Hire

  • We help you hire the type of talent that can build your company’s culture, revenue, and growth.

Whether you need a couple of employees a year, a couple of employees a month, or a couple of employees a day, PEMA will be your most powerful, cost-effective recruiting resource to find top-level talent for your company.