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Make a Real Tangible Impact For Business Owners on a Daily Basis

Helping Small to Large Business Get The Customers They Need To THRIVE
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“When you put your employees first, your employees take care of your customers. When you take care of your customers, your customers take care of your profits. That’s what I call a Win-Win-Win!

Tim Dodd, Founder of


We are looking to immediately hire an operations manager for our Miami based lead generation and sales training company.

You can browse through our website to see what PEMA does.

But, the truth is, what we really do is impact the lives of our customers.

Our customers come to us with their businesses,

With their sales teams,

With their dreams, hopes, and aspirations.

PEMA is the Bridge between where they are at and where they want their companies to go.

You see, it’s long been said that the number one reason why companies fail is because of cash flow.

But, the cold hard truth is this:

Businesses fail because of customer flow…

For a business to thrive it needs a steady flow of new and repeat customers.

And, through lead generation and sales training, we become the reliable flow for a business to create a customer-flow.

Does this mean it’s a perfectly smooth road?

Absolutely not… Lead gen and sales is an emotional rollercoaster.

But there is no other team out there more committed to their client’s success than PEMA.

There is no other company that a client is going to hire that will fight for them like PEMA.

And, if you are willing to work hard, put in the hours, and have a passion for marketing and business stuff…

This is going to be a really solid opportunity.


We have a small team of account managers that you will be managing.

Our office is in downtown Miami.

Each of the account managers you are overseeing will be managing 20 client accounts each.

We are looking to grow at a very rapid pace this year.

While rapid growth sounds romantic and fun…

The reality is, it takes hard work, grit, and long hours.

And, this is a startup which means if you’re used to a

  • highly structured…
  • punch in punch out kinda workplace


However, if you get excited about being apart of a

Fast-growing, hard-working, and fast-paced startup…

This may be for you.

Before I get into the blah, blah, blah of the job description…

I need to clarify something with you.

I’m looking for a badass operations manager that is willing to

Put in the work with me side by side as we

Grow from a 7-Figure to an 8-Figure company.

If you are looking for a punch in punch out, leave now.

If you’re looking for something you can dig heals into and go full throttle

This is it.

Daily Duties Include:

  • Working with me directly to strategize about the company and operations
  • Overseeing a small team of account managers
  • Creating operational systems to streamline business operations
  • Employee accountability and performance reporting

Must-Have Skills:

  • Leadership and motivational skills
  • Copywriting skills: Direct Response, Social Selling, Persuasive Copy
  • Strong organization skills: Google sheets, CRM,, etc
  • Sickening Work Ethic


  • Competitive Salary
  • Tax-Free Insurance Compensation (After 90 Days)
  • Huge opportunity for growth

Go ahead and put in your application, from there, we can hop on a phone call.

Talk soon,
Tim Dodd

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